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"When you become the Master of your mind,

you are Master of everything

Swami Satchidananda

You might need a mindset coach if...


High achievers, including top performing athletes, CEOs, and celebrities, have been working with coaches for decades to supercharge their results. Mindset coaches used to be a luxury, reserved only for the elite. Things have changed and life coaching has become more accessible over the years , making the same breakthrough tactics available to anyone who wishes to create new results in the personal or professional life.


You want to supercharge your results. You’re happy with your life and you would like to experience more abundance, ease and flow so you can enjoy a more balanced life and reach a new level of success.


You feel stuck. You feel like you’re not getting where you want in life... either in your career, relationships, finances, or in your health. You’ve tried different strategies and tactics and you can’t seem to generate the results you desire.


You’re looking for a new direction in life. You’re ready for a change in your life - maybe a career change, a new relationship, relocating to a new place, or finding a new purpose and passion.


You feel like life has MORE in store for you but you can't quite pinpoint what it is. You are being called to look beyond the life you’ve been living and explore your gifts and talents to expand your life and your impact.


You’re experiencing burnout. You are under constant pressure, you are exhausted, resigned, and you feel like you are running out of steam.


You feel disconnected with yourself. Perhaps you’ve been excelling in the game of life, making all the right moves, doing all the right things, just to find yourself so far removed from your dreams that you are questioning your identity and your vision for life.


The Science Behind Mindset Coaching


Neuroscience, more specifically Neuroplasticity, explains how the brain improves its functions by growing new neurons and forming new connections between existing neurons as a result of experience. These “aha” moments result in a new habit or belief to be formed as the brain is changing its physical structure as a result of learning.

Neuroplasticity gives us access to consciously program our brains to create new thinking patterns of our choice. This is how the new mindset emerges, the one that serves our highest good and allows us to flip on our success switch.

The science behind Cognitive Priming gives us awareness of where our beliefs and thinking patterns originated. With this awareness we can begin to distinguish our individualistic mindset from a collectivistic cultural mindset, and we can begin to align with our true authentic self and prime our brain with empowering beliefs that manifest the life of our own design.

Quantum Physics

Everything in the Universe, including us, boils down to energy, frequency, and vibrations. There is a network of interconnected Universal Laws of the universe. They explain how energy, frequencies, and vibrations work.

I’m Malvina,

Conscious Entrepreneur, Super Manifester, and Global Mindset & Prosperity Coach.

I’m thrilled that the universe brought you here! Let me introduce myself…

I’m your Empowerment Coach… I help you befriend your fears so you can get to know yourself us Unstoppable!

I’m your Purpose Partner I help you uncover your superpowers so you can step into your Greatness!

I’m your Abundance Guide… I help you supercharge your manifesting skills so you can turn up your Prosperity Thermostat!

I’m your Authenticity Champion … I help you relinquish those false identities so you can show up authentically aligned as your True Self!

I’m your Dream Steward… I help you unlock your best self so you can create your Dream Life!

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For Individuals:

1:1 Personalized Coaching Packages. Discover Your Life Purpose, Authenticity Quest, Overcoming Fear, and more.

For Entrepreneurs:

Embodied Quantum Leader: Mindset & Strategy in Business including Money Breakthrough and Business Energetic.

For Groups:
Mindset & Mindfulness Workshops

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A 12-week Inner Mastery Academy for Purpose-driven women eager to transcend their limits and redefine success.

Break free from doubt, release past traumas, connect with your essence, transcend imposter syndrome, escape the rat race, and align your actions with your true purpose to elevate your life and career.

Expect newfound clarity, confidence, and financial empowerment, enabling you to seize bigger opportunities, embody success, and gain leadership influence.


Travel with intention! Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the high-vibration energy of Paris, France and Del Mar, California.

A unique opportunity to pattern interrupt your routine, reignite your spark, and get inspired by your surroundings.

Immersive coaching format will accelerate your transformational journey and propel you towards the success you desire.

What are my clients saying?

Suzaita Hipolito, MBA Clinical Research Specialist

"Within 3 weeks of coaching, I realized I had kicked the self-doubt and became more consistent!"

Rebecca Church, Business Broker and Former Athlete

"Now, I feel confident to use these certain tools to move forward and see that there's an abundance of oppurtunities in front of me that aren't limited to just one job that I thought was going to define me forever."

Rebecca Church, Business Broker and Former Athlete

"Your support is just next level... I'm absolutely blown away and to say that my life has changed dramatically is an understatement. I'm so excited to continue exploring my joy and my passion... and having someone give you a safe space to do that is really powerful."

Wendi Weiss, Event Producer

"She really drove home in her storytelling the point and the points where people in the audience

could really relate to what she shared."

Cece Noyen, Founder of The West Coast Creative

"I actually feel like I
'm walking away with tangible action steps that

I can take and actually start implementing into my life."

Janey Hawley, Agency Owner and Podcast Host

Her mastery of neuroscience-based tools empowers individuals to transcend barriers to success, navigate rapid change, and embrace their life's purpose."

Tracey F. Jones, Founder & CEO of Branding Agency

I've really enjoyed the process, and I've seen changes. And I think it's just going to grow further, further, and hopefully faster and faster. It‘s a no-brainer!

Brooke Hengst, Realtor

"You're an earth angel! I couldn't access parts of me without you and your skills to pull things out of me. I appreciate being walked through lovingly but assertively."

Norris Davis, Financial Advisor

“I would have thought it would take years for me to change my mind about things (…) but the shifting was

immediate and the process was painless!”

Pamela Maloney, Teacher and Real Estate Broker

"My mindset has shifted; I'm more readily aware of the limiting beliefs when they pop up so I can stop them in their tracks."

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