Meet Malvina!

I’m Malvina.

Your mindset and prosperity coach

My fascination with the power of the human mind began over 20 years ago.

I grew up in Poland, in times of communism, where I experienced limitations rather than opportunities, scarcity rather than prosperity, and hopelessness rather than hope.

I then saw first hand how the power of mindset can install hope, shift perspective, and move an entire nation towards taking peaceful and productive action towards creating a better life.

Later on, as a co-founder of an American franchise brand, I had the privilege of helping dozens of people build their American Dream – their own business.

I know that it's possible to release self-doubt, step into your power, and reinvent your life! How do I know it? Because I've done it myself.

Growing up in a family of extraordinary coaches, and after years of studying philosophy, coaching is in my blood.

In my early twenties, I became a certified "Supermind" Trainer, teaching people how to harvest the power of the neuroscience and boost their performance using the latest memory enhancement techniques and speed-reading tactics. I continued to deepen my knowledge of the brain and study various transformation modalities.

Today, I am a quantum mindset coach and speaker for those ready to break through the ceiling of their success, powerfully deal with rapid change, and step into their purpose using neuroscience-based tools, all while leaving the rat race behind. I am a Certified Mindset and Prosperity Coach, and soon to be a Trauma Coach and a Spiritual Coach..

Most importantly, I am the founder of Life Unleashed with Malvina where my mission is to guide you to BREAKTHROUGH your limiting beliefs, step into your purpose, and unleash your greatest potential!

My programs are designed to help you flip on your success switch. and live your best life!

"Our job in this lifetime

is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we

imagine we ought to be... but to find out who we already are

and become it.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Where is the Event Full?

This year's Event Full will be held at the Chicago Center from August 20-27

Were should I stay?

We recommend staying at a hotel downtown within a few blocks of the Chicago Center so you can easily get to/from the conference throughout the week. We created a list of recommended hotels here.

How do I sign up to run a workshop?

We're thrilled you're interested in hosting a workshop at Event Full. Unfortunately we're full this year. That said, we have plenty of openings for next year. Sign up here.

Is my ticket refundable?

All tickets are 100% refundable within 30 days of the event. If you'd like to get a refund for your ticket(s) within 30 days of the event, we may have individuals on a ticket waiting list, so feel free to reach out. To request a refund, please contact our support team.

What Clients Are Saying

"The other thing that really contributed to my quantum shifts is that we did a weekend intensive together (...) she sees the goodness in you, she sees your true potential, she sees you in her highest, and she holds you to it. And she has this way of getting you to transcend those blocks, transcend limiting beliefs, to transcend the negative self-talk, and it's because it doesn't exist in her."

- Suzaita H (Transformational Leadership Coach)

"What I’ve gotten out of the sessions with Malvina is who I am as a person, how that aligns with my business, and how that aligns with the universe as a whole."

- Norris D (Investment Advisor)

"So the dream builder process is many weeks of work. And through the process, you, gain lots of different tools and understanding. So that when you're, you're interacting with people and encountering challenges in your life, you are well equipped to deal with them and they don't derail you and cause your blocks. But you also are set up for success because you have partners in belief like Malvina and the other participants in your course that are there to support you."

- Pamela M (Teacher and Real Estate Broker)

"Malvina is an amazing coach with skill for guiding her clients through resistance and helping shift perspective for transformation"

- Laura R (Wisconsin)

"Malvina was absolutely amazing. She handled us with such a grace and courage that helped me understand my blocks and negative beliefs."

- Jelena (Scientist)

"Malvina is a skilled and heart centered mindfulness coach. She delivers tools to help her clients create lasting habits that rewire our brains for abundance and success! I have loved working alongside Malvina as we journey together to bring enlightenment for those who are ready to step into their highest selves!"

- Tania Leevers (Spiritual Coach)

Fun Facts About Me...

Global Citizen and Conscious Traveler

I currently split my time between the US and Europe. I believe that travel expands our hearts, grows our mindset, and raises our consciousness. 

Adventure Sports Enthusiast

In the spring, you can spot me riding a motorcycle on a mountain trail and in the winter, you may find me ice-climbing in frigid temperatures.  

Avid cook

Kitchen is my creative outlet and my
meditation room ;-)

Mountain Lover

I’m blessed to be able to call Colorado home. Mountains are my sanctuary. In the summer, you can usually spot me on a mountain-bike trail, hiking a 14-er, or camping.