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A groundbreaking 12-week group program designed for purpose-driven women eager to transcend their limits and redefine success.

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You’re ready to say goodbye to self-doubt.

You want to heal the wounds from your past

You want to elevate your self image

You want to activate quantum opportunities

You are determined to walk into your purpose

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How Is She Rises Different?

SHE RISES offers a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional coaching.

Guided by Malvina Messler, a renowned Women Empowerment Coach, Trauma Healer, Best-selling Author, and Motivational Speaker.

Join a group of like-minded women, all committed to soaring to new heights.

Meet Your Coach

Malvina Messler

Allow me to introduce you to Malvina Messler, an extraordinary Quantum Coach, Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Host of the renowned Paris Retreat.

Malvina, with her business acumen and mindset expertise, empowers women to unleash their inner CEO energy and design their careers on their terms. She did just that when she left her 6-figure executive job to launch her purpose-driven business and embraced a global lifestyle.

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